Corporate & Social Responsibility

TRUST. Trust goes beyond stock exchanges. It concerns values, but not economic ones. It is about transparency, truth, and belief before doubt. Trust is the link we build with each other—between people and institutions, here and in the cloud. Trust is absolutely everything for us, and it always has been. What many might call bad business decisions, we call trust. Give profits to an important cause? Build a team of unknowns to compete at the Olympics? Sell confidently without knowing what you can actually deliver? We arrived here on the basis of trust, and through it we will step into a different future because we trust each other. More importantly, we trust in a new world of transparency and reliability. This is our goal and our purpose.

Since its foundation in 2001, ClearSale has expressed a spirit of corporate social responsibility. With a mission to make a true and lasting difference in the trust between companies and consumers, ClearSale is committed to the highest standards of corporate citizenship, ethics, and transparency in its business, activities, and relations with stakeholders.

As a leading fraud prevention company, we make a difference in communities where we live and work by creating a safe and efficient environment. Given the worldwide extent of our workers, clients, partners, and suppliers, ClearSale recognizes the global reach of its business practices.

ClearSale is proud to be first in its industry to achieve the B Corp Certification from B Lab, demonstrating its commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

ClearSale’s encouragement of ethical and transparent behavior is vital to the company’s social responsibility and complements its culture of creative and innovative behaviors by sponsoring the “right kind of mistakes” and by reinforcing the idea that innovation never happens in a vacuum. We must sustain active, vibrant networks of people and assets, which can only work in an environment of freedom and trust.

ClearSale’s culture and values are rooted in integrity and in taking personal responsibility for our actions, outcomes, and reputation. We practice ownership in which excellence and freedom are core values.

ClearSale’s corporate social responsibility pledges revolve around four critical areas:

  • Ethics – ClearSale is committed to doing the right thing. ClearSale’s employees behave in an ethical, legal, and trustworthy manner, including (but not limited to) supporting regulatory obligations.

  • Ownership and collaboration – ClearSale truly believes its whole network must work together to truly have an impact.

  • Employees & People – ClearSale is committed to developing and supporting its employees. Our efforts focus on providing equal employment opportunities in an open environment, leading by example, and supporting training, development, safety, health, wellness, inclusion, and diversity.

  • Political neutrality – ClearSale does not support or contribute to any political party or organization.

ClearSale’s employees and community are individually and collectively accountable for safeguarding corporate social responsibilities. ClearSale encourages participation across the organization and works with external stakeholders to continually ensure socially and ethically responsible actions.