Testing your new integration with ClearSale couldn't be simpler!  

Make sure you have your Sandbox credentials handy - you will have received them from our integration team via email.

The email contains both your Sandbox and Production credentials - these are not interchangeable so be sure you’re using the right ones!

All of our integrations provide you with the option to select Production or Sandbox - Refer to our integration guides to see what the configuration looks like for the eCommerce platform you are using.

Let’s get started!

  • In your eCommerce platform, locate ClearSale and in our app’s configuration, select the Sandbox button.
  • Enter the Sandbox credentials you received via email from our integration team - They will look like this:

    ApiKey: (long string of letters and numbers)
    ClientID: (will be similar to exact to your business name)
    ClientSecret: (short string of letters and numbers)
  • Click save

You’re now ready to put through some test orders!

Before you start putting through test orders, you’ll need to know how our Sandbox behaves.

Our Sandbox environment is pretty straightforward - we won't be manually reviewing your orders or using our advanced machine learning.  

You just need to follow a few purchase rules to get the results you need to see before confidently switching to Production.

  • Automatic Approval:  To see what this status looks like in your admin, place a test order that is less than or equal to $50
  • Denied:  To see what a denied order looks like, your order must be greater than $50 but less than (or equal to) $100.
  • Manual Analysis: This is when ClearSale is reviewing an order manually.  To see what this status looks like in your eCommerce platform, place a Sandbox order greater than $100.  In our Sandbox environment, these orders will never move to Approved or Declined status as they do in our Production environment.

**If you want to change these values, reach out to our team.**

There you go!  You’re all set and ready to start testing.  

Whenever you’re ready, you can switch to our live Production environment by selecting the Production button in the app’s configuration and entering in your Production credentials (they were sent to you in that same email from our integration team).  

Please be sure you’re entering the correct credentials!  3 failed attempts will block your access and you’ll need to be unblocked by contacting our team at

If you require a more in depth sandbox solution, you can always visit our developer resources page and check out our API documentation.