FAQ Behavior Analytics

Last updated March 30, 2021

SessionID is the parameter that identifies the user's session on the website and app. Every time a user leaves a page without completing a transaction but returns later on, this parameter will be updated, as there will be new data captured. This parameter is very important and must be stored and sent to ClearSale together with the transaction.

To capture data, the script must be on a single page of the website or app. The time to execute the script is unlikely to be longer than 3 seconds. However, care must be taken lest the user leave the page before the script finishes running. For this reason, we recommend the page to be representative of user interactivity such as filling in personal information or payment data.

ClearSale will provide an access token that identifies your website and app in our system. This token is the value of the AppKey parameter and must be used in all channels where the tool is installed.