Behavior Analytics SDK Versions

Last updated March 30, 2021


This manual is for developers wanting to use device identification (Device Fingerprint or Behavior Analytics) tools. These resources allow us to determine if a machine is known to ClearSale and its history of activity.

ClearSale respects the data capture privacy policies and the permission levels granted by the device user.

Our algorithms gather public data from the device, such as the IP and Operating System, among others, to find out if a device is known to ClearSale and its history of activity. ClearSale has a legitimate interest in providing fraud prevention services based on behavioral profile data.

Please note that all data collection is in compliance with GDPR.

For further information regarding ClearSale’s GDPR compliance please see link.

Browser or Webview

Version Documentation
1.0.0latest click here


Versão Documentação Release Notes
4.0.0-rc.1rc click here
  • Android 11 support.
  • Gradle update to version "6.6.1".
  • Android Gradle Plugin update to version "4.1.0-rc1".
3.0.2latest click here
  • Fixed bug in variable collection. Failure occurred only on some Android versions and device models.


Version Documentation Release Notes
3.0.2-rc.1rc click here
  • iOS 14 support.
  • XCODE minimal version change.
  • Minimum supported version "10.0".
  • XCODE "12" support.
  • Changed the minimum iOS version to version "10.3".
3.0.1latest click here
  • Addition of New Variables.

React Native

Version Documentation
1.0.0-RC.2rc click here