Original Research Report

State of Consumer Attitudes on Ecommerce, Fraud & CX 2021

How consumer attitudes and behaviors have changed globally toward the ecommerce industry and online fraud.

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The pandemic has had a transformative impact on global ecommerce.

Is your ecommerce business prepared for what’s to come in 2022 and beyond?

There’s no denying that ecommerce has changed.

Whether it was an influx of brand-new online shoppers, the emergence of new ways to browse and buy, sky-high consumer expectations, or a rapidly evolving fraud landscape … ecommerce businesses of all sizes have had their hands full.

To thrive in the new era of ecommerce, businesses need to evolve their strategies to address the quirks and needs of ecommerce novices, the increasingly high bar for customer experience (CX), and the revenue-damaging effects of false declines.

In our second annual original research report — conducted with the help of Data/Insights Platform Dynata™ — we’ve expanded our inquiry to address those needs. Regardless of your industry, target buyer or national market, this report will help prepare your online business for the new era of ecommerce.

About the Original Research Report 2021-2022

This multimarket original research report uncovers consumer attitudes toward payment fraud on retail ecommerce sites. Participants included 5,000+ online shoppers over the age of 18 equally represented from the countries of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Key Findings

If there’s one word to describe the past year in ecommerce, it’s accelerated.

The pandemic crisis strapped a rocket to last year’s emergent ecommerce trends, making everything happen more quickly … and on a much larger scale.


shopped online for the very first time because of the pandemic.

• Ecommerce adoption took a giant leap forward, with droves of brand-new customers exploring the world of buying online once in-person shopping became too inconvenient or unsafe.


of shoppers jump ship if checkout is too long or complicated

• Customer experience, or CX, was the word on everybody’s lips as ecommerce merchants scrambled to eliminate every possible point of friction on the way to the checkout and beyond.

Only 20%

of shoppers younger than 55 have their credit card on hand when shopping online

• Alternative payment options, once seen as a “nice-to-have,” have become a must for every ecommerce merchant.

Only 11%

of respondents 65+ are interested in seeing suggestions based on their shopping habits.

• The gap between generations widened at a breakneck pace, with younger generations demanding more from their ecommerce experience, while the analog generations look warily at the entire thing.


of consumers would boycott an ecommerce merchant over a false decline

• The great shift online resulted in plenty of fresh pickings for fraudsters — and a significant shift in how ecommerce fraud should be approached.

Each of these trends sets a clear direction for ecommerce businesses of all sizes in 2022.

“Every ecommerce business needs to put themselves in the shoes of their customers –– but they all want a great customer experience. Every part of your business, including your fraud protection, needs to align with delivering personalized and excellent CX.”
Rafael Lourenco - Executive Vice President1

Rafael Lourenco, ClearSale Executive Vice President & Partner

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