Enterprise Business Guide to Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Solutions

Chapter 10:
Enterprise Ecommerce FAQs




How flexible is ClearSale’s process with regard to payment flows?

ClearSale has the experience to work with both pre- and post-authorization flows, as well as adaptability to a variety of other payment flows. For pre-authorization payment flows, we apply our machine learning model once the order is placed, using custom business rules to decide whether the transaction is legitimate. This allows us to provide a response in real time before the transaction is sent to the bank. This flow is usually applied when the client wants to protect his bank affiliation, or a business decision requires fully automated decisions.

How well does ClearSale integrate with ecommerce, app, chat and call center channels?

ClearSale offers plugins and guides for major platforms, including Magento and Salesforce, making integration quick and easy. Our API library also makes the integration with SAP Hybris and other platforms or CMSs, such as Sitecore CMS, simple. In addition, ClearSale Mobile SDK provides the information required for mobile application developers to integrate with our solution for Android and iOS.

How scalable and available is ClearSale’s solution?

ClearSale's cloud-based and elastic solution automatically acquires and releases resources, offering the bandwidth needed to handle order-volume spikes without experiencing downtime. Our monitoring system provides the necessary support to scale up our environment to control spikes.

Working in the Azure SQL Database hyperscale tier helps ClearSale streamline upgrades to new and existing applications. With instant, unlimited scaling, customers can rely on us.

ClearSale operates on redundant application architecture designed for scalability; few dependencies among our servers; architecture that ensures we can process data, even during instability; 24/7 monitoring and support; data replication across multiple locations and multiple back-ups; and the presence of an incident response procedure.

How well can ClearSale’s solution absorb historical transaction data?

Not only is ClearSale capable of absorbing historical data, it also uses the data to build custom models, processes and fraud rules. While ClearSale has more than 100 customized fraud models, enterprise clients typically have 45 rules enabled. 

By increasing the historical data we have, we can build and train our AI models and tools to provide a more accurate fraud score from the first day of implementation. And the solution will recognize past purchasers with less risk of false declines. 

Is ClearSale compliant with GDPR and PCI?

ClearSale has undergone a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) performed by a renowned third-party company, Compliance Point, which found that our standard procedures and policies are compatible with GDPR requirements. In addition, ClearSale follows all security standards stated by the PCI DSS information security standard and has a PCI DSS certification. 

Do you perform secondary reviews? How do they impact service levels?

ClearSale does offer secondary review services by our fraud team when it makes sense for the client’s business flow based on an agreed-upon, customizable response time SLA.

Secondary reviews can postpone decision-making on a small percentage of orders; however, those orders would very likely be declined otherwise. As a result, we help reduce the number of false declines and increase the number of approved orders.



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