Enterprise Business Guide to Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Solutions

Chapter 8:
How ClearSale Helps

If your enterprise ecommerce business doesn’t have a comprehensive fraud analysis tool, you might benefit from a full AI analysis of your order history to identify patterns you would have otherwise missed.

From there, machine learning can lead to predicting fraud, which would allow you to automatically approve more orders, recover lost revenue and reduce false declines. 

When looking for a fraud solution partner, you should evaluate how well each candidate satisfies the most important criteria:

  • Do they understand your enterprise’s unique needs, from transaction volume to international currencies to fraud trends?
  • Do they have a reputation for high approval rates, low false decline rates and a mitigation strategy for transactions that can’t automatically be approved?
  • Can they solve real-world problems with strategies specific to your industry or type of business?
  • Do they have experience across borders and with tax laws and regulations, import duties, and currencies? All are extremely important when you expand into new countries.
  • Do their fraud analysists have language fluency and understand the various cultural nuances that impact shopping trends and fraudulent practices?
  • Do they have success in regions that are most ravaged by fraudsters?

At ClearSale, we check all these boxes. At ClearSale, we check all these boxes.

“When you have a fraud prevention team that lives and breathes fraud 24/7, you’re going to have a better chance of preventing fraud at the moment the transaction happens. You want a partner with experience across industries, international markets and order volumes.”

David Fletcher, ClearSale Senior Vice President

David Fletcher, Former Senior Vice President, ClearSale

We have a global fraud lens and experience

Our insight into fraud patterns and trends comes from working with enterprise businesses around the world. We maintain a massive transaction database that is constantly learning as more orders are processed. We can see the impact fraud has on diverse markets, which makes it easier for us to identify fraud trends as soon as they emerge and then use those insights to make more accurate decisions for you.

We approve orders faster and more efficiently

At ClearSale, we help approve orders faster — and we almost always offer enterprise businesses a higher auto-approval rate than they currently have.

One way we do this is with our auditing program. In a safe test environment, we analyze random sets of declined transactions to see what would have happened if we had approved the orders. This enables us to measure the accuracy of our client’s automated rules and fine-tune them as needed.

Those validated, optimized rules give our clients more auto-approved orders, which can be fulfilled by your team.  Another way is by augmenting your team with our fraud analysts to conduct secondary reviews and even follow up with your customers (if you ask us to). Our team also mitigates chargebacks and handles disputes so your team can focus solely on meeting SLAs for approved orders.

The result?

More revenue that your company wasn’t seeing before, plus resources available whenever you need assistance.

“In a typical enterprise business review, we find between 1% and 2% of revenue left on the table due to declined transactions. That can equate to tens of millions of dollars of lost revenue.”

Rick Sunzeri, ClearSale Director of Enterprise Clients

Rick Sunzeri, ClearSale Director of Enterprise Clients

Meet the ClearSale Enterprise Leadership Team

Our leadership team blends a wealth of expertise that spans customer experience, enterprise financial and operational excellence, and fraud prevention. We honed our approach in some of the most fraud-prone regions in the world, and we apply this hands-on experience to every client we support.



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