Enterprise Business Guide to Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Solutions

Chapter 9:
Enterprise Ecommerce Case Studies

ClearSale Client Profile: ASUS

Fraud prevention was the bane of the company’s existence, due to the amount of time needed to manually review every order. ClearSale implemented a process that leveraged global fraud intelligence with selective manual reviews, resulting in a 65% decrease in false declines, a 17% increase in the average size of approved orders, and a one-day disposition on almost every order.


“When you bring in an experienced fraud prevention partner to strengthen your fraud protection team, not only does it free up internal resources to be more strategically allocated, it gives internal fraud teams a real intelligence boost. The partner will have a wealth of data and analytics into global fraud patterns and trends, giving your team a much more complete fraud picture and your company much better approval rates.”

ASUS team member

ASUS team member

ClearSale Client Profile: International Watch Retailer

When an internationally recognized watch brand expanded their ecommerce presence, sales skyrocketed. Unfortunately, so did fraud attempts. And because the company’s fraud team wasn’t as familiar with online fraud patterns, their false declines began to increase as well.

They needed a way to protect their customers’ experience, increase approvals and prevent fraud. We are only too happy to help.

Within three months, ClearSale had increased approval rates by more than 25% and reduced fraudulent chargebacks by a whopping 98%. To say the brand was pleased is an understatement.

"We are more than happy to endorse ClearSale."

— International Watch Retailer

ClearSale Client Profile: International Apparel

As the pandemic increased online purchases, one of the world’s most recognized athletic brands turned to ClearSale to address a growing problem with approval rates and false declines. The company leveraged the expertise of ClearSale’s data analysts to augment their team and stay ahead of fraud trends around the world. The results exceeded expectations.

“ClearSale’s machine learning technology and human expertise has consistently allowed us to achieve Higher-than-average approvals, considerably fewer false declines, more revenue, and stronger customer loyalty. This has transformed our brand reputation.”

— Apparel Retailer



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