Generate Additional Income From Your Retailers.

Become a ClearSale Referral Partner

The ClearSale Referral Program is easy, flexible, free to join,
and a great way to earn incremental revenue.


Make More From Your Network!

The ClearSale Referral Program is straightforward and profitable:

  1. 1
    Free Marketing Support: We provide you with free marketing tools to generate leads, including professional landing pages, links, and banner ads so you can spread the word about ClearSale to your network.
  2. 2
    Online Lead Registration: Simply enter your leads via our online lead registration form. All we need is this “digital introduction,” and we’ll do all the work to close the deal.
  3. 3
    Commissions: As a ClearSale Referral Partner, you’ll earn a commission for every new customer you refer. The more leads that close, the more commissions you earn!

Who Is a Good-Fit Referral Partner?

Although any company can become a ClearSale Referral Partner, the best fits are:

  • Businesses with an existing customer base of e-commerce merchants.
  • Merchants with a large network of e-commerce peers.
  • People who make connections easily and want to share our services.

Join Today!

If you know any merchant, large or small, that could benefit from ClearSale’s fraud management services, sign up as a referral partner and earn a commission on the introduction!