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Fraud Solution Pricing With Your ROI in Mind

ClearSale’s ecommerce fraud protection pricing
is designed to pay for itself.


Straightforward Pricing Approaches

ClearSale makes pricing easy to understand with opportunities for discounts and credits:

  • KPI Pricing Model
  • Performance-Based Pricing Model
  • Custom Pricing

KPI Pricing Model

With this model your price is based on the number of approved transactions.

We’ll agree on a chargeback percentage KPI limit, and if we exceed that KPI in any given quarter, you’ll receive a predetermined discount on your quarterly invoice. 

Note that these discounts are not intended to fully cover all chargeback losses.

Performance-Based Pricing Model

Your price is a fixed fee for every approved transaction determined by sales volume, business goals, and risk profile.

If we approve a fraudulent transaction that results in a chargeback, we will reimburse your business the entire amount of the chargeback.

Custom Pricing

Based on your company’s unique needs, we can design a hybrid pricing model that combines KPIs and performance measures. As you consistently reach designated KPIs, ClearSale will work with you to restructure pricing to make sure it pays for itself.

icon-Pricing-1 No setup costs or integration fees
icon-Pricing-2 No monthly minimums
icon-Pricing-3 Easy to understand contracts
icon-Pricing-4 Pricing per approved orders
icon-Pricing-5 30-day satisfaction guarantee
icon-Pricing-6 No other fraud-related expenses

Read Why Our Clients Choose ClearSale


ClearSale has helped me a lot with product security in my store!

ClearSale is a platform that has helped me a lot to be able to send my products to clients without worrying about chargebacks that end up with the risk of theft. A platform that undoubtedly helps a lot in America.

Juan Alberto P.
Small Business


I do recommend

ClearSale has helped us reduce the number of chargebacks from our online store. When we have received a chargeback, they take charge through the guarantee they offer. Excellent service, I do recommend.

Alejandra R.
Enterprise Business


They honor whats they promised

It is very easy to upload information and response time it is superb.

Eligio B.
Mid-Market Business