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Fraud Protection
Pricing Options

ClearSale’s pricing always fits your bottom line.


Two Straightforward
Pricing Approaches.


ClearSale makes pricing for your ecommerce fraud prevention and protection easy to understand.

For both of our pricing models, we offer:

No setup costs or integration fees.
No monthly minimums
No long-term contracts
Pricing per approved orders
30-day satisfaction guarantee
No other fraud-related expenses.

Total Protection Solution

Option 1: KPI Pricing Model

With this approach, we will work with you to identify a target chargeback percentage.

If in a given quarter we exceed that KPI, we will offer a predetermined discount on your quarterly invoice. As always, your price based on the number of approved transactions every month.


This KPI-based approach includes the ClearSale Chargeback Protection. You receive the full breadth of our ecommerce fraud prevention services to ensure all fraudulent orders are blocked and chargebacks are not generated for you.

However, we do not directly reimburse you for any chargebacks that may occur, and the discounts we provide are not intended to fully cover any chargeback losses.

Total Guaranteed Protection Solution

Option 2: Fixed Percentage Pricing Model

With this approach, you are billed a fixed fee on every approved transaction.
Your fixed-fee rate is determined based on your sales volume, how you plan to use our solution, and your industry and risk profile.
Consumer goods: Rates start from 0.4%
Travel industry: Rates start from 0.4%
Other product categories: Rates start from 0.5%

This approach provides ClearSale Chargeback Insurance,  which provides 100% guaranteed chargeback coverage. 

If we approve a transaction that turns out to be fraudulent and results in a chargeback, we will pay the entire amount of the chargeback.

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