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How ClearSale Works

While you’re selling, ClearSale works in the background to prevent your online store from losing revenue to chargebacks and false declines. How?

From day one, ClearSale feeds your historical data into our AI-enabled system. When a customer starts an order, our system quickly spots red flags and questionable actions. You receive an immediate decision – usually before the purchase is complete – approve, decline, or investigate further. 

More revenue. Fewer chargebacks. Happier customers. That’s the ClearSale difference.

  • We integrate your data and set thresholds

  • Customers shop in your online store

  • Our AI technology delivers an immediate decision

  • We find even more orders to approve

  • We look a little deeper into some orders

  • We protect your bottom line, and you deliver a superior customer experience

We integrate your data and set thresholds

From the beginning, our team will work with you to feed your historical order data into our AI-enabled system to “teach” it what to look for in a “good” order. These thresholds ensure that we can approve the most transactions for your business.

Integrations are a breeze with ClearSale. We have plugins for most major ecommerce platforms.

Magento Magento 2 Bigcommerce Shopify Vtex


We can also create custom integrations for proprietary ecommerce applications.

The best part? All of this happens quickly thanks to our innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology. You’re ready to take orders almost immediately!

Customers shop in your online store

ClearSale is like a gatekeeper at the virtual front door of your business – letting the customers you want inside and keeping the fraudsters out.

Regardless of the channel, ClearSale is on the case:

  • Website
  • Mobile
  • Social media
  • Voice
  • Virtual reality

Our solution runs invisibly in the background – using ClearSale’s proprietary statistical algorithm to approve as many good orders as possible and flag any suspicious orders for further review.

Our AI technology delivers an immediate decision

As soon as a customer starts the checkout process, ClearSale’s AI-enabled algorithm begins analyzing data points and comparing them to known customer behavior, global and current fraud trends, and data sources such as:

  • Fingerprint technology to identify computers placing transactions
  • Proprietary tracking technology to monitor customer behavior within client websites
  • Proxy piercing technology
  • Geo-localization
  • BIN tracking
  • Email intelligence
  • CVV verification

Once the scan is complete, the algorithm assigns a fraud score to each order that delivers a decision:

  • Orders with a low fraud score are approved immediately. 
  • Orders that are clearly fraudulent are quarantined.
  • Orders with a fraud score outside of your preapproved threshold are considered suspicious. These orders are immediately flagged for further investigation.

Unlike most fraud solutions, ClearSale doesn’t auto-decline suspicious orders. Why? Because, on average, 90% of those orders are legitimate. 

At ClearSale, we’re committed to approving as many orders as possible with the help of our expert team of analysts. We never want you to lose revenue by declining a good order.

We find even more orders to approve

“Suspicious” behavior doesn’t always mean the order is fraudulent. Novice online shoppers and general user error can make a legitimate order look like fraud.

At ClearSale, we have a team of more than 2,000 fraud analysts who examine the details of each flagged transaction. Our analysts use their experience and extensive expertise to determine if the order is legitimate and can be approved.

A note about response times:

We know that an additional analysis can impact response times. They may be acceptable for some orders and not for others, such as more urgent or high-ticket transactions. 

That’s why ClearSale offers customizable decision timeframes. We can flag orders in our system for VIP lists and cater decision times to specific industries, locations and other factors. 

It means we can turn around suspicious order analysis in less than two hours – and even immediately if needed for expedited delivery.

We look a little deeper into some orders

If our analysts are concerned that a suspicious order is fraudulent, they will examine the order further. Analysts look at information that may go unnoticed by a machine but will provide valuable clues:

  • Reverse phone number/address lookup
  • Social network activity
  • Link analysis
  • Data visualization

In rare cases, the analyst may contact the customer directly, using a preapproved call script. This tends to come across to customers as “white glove” customer service.

How often does this happen?

Across our 6,000+ client accounts, 91.3% of orders are automatically approved – 8.3% are reviewed by an analyst but do not require a phone call, and only 0.4% are subject to a review involving a phone call. 

Using this approach, ClearSale has the highest approval rates and lowest false decline rates in the industry.

What’s more, our analysts feed the data they gather in identifying fraud back into our statistical algorithm, which allows it to recognize more fraud faster.

The result: You’re protected from fraud and chargebacks without declining good customers.

We protect your bottom line, and you deliver a superior customer experience

With every order processed through our AI-enabled system, it “learns” more about your business. As a result, you’re able to approve more orders and deliver a superior customer experience. Meanwhile, our approach to managing risk related to fraud and chargebacks protects your bottom line. 

Here is what a few of our clients have to say about how ClearSale has helped their business:


Slawek Janicki

Chief Caffeine Director,

“ClearSale frees up our time and helps us focus on what we do, which is selling coffee equipment, not catching fraudsters.”


Mark May

Director, bloom baby

"With ClearSale, our fraud management was integrated right into our Shopify within 10 minutes, and ClearSale was analyzing our transactions the same day."

What Makes ClearSale Unique?

We integrate with almost every ecommerce platform


ClearSale’s API library and client service team make integration simple – most plugins install in one hour or less.
Our ecommerce platform plugins and APIs include BigCommerce, Celerant, Checkout, Magento, Maropost, nopCommerce, Oracle Commerce Cloud, PrestaShop, Punchmark, Salesforce, Shift4Shop, Shopify, Thinkspace, Thomalex, VTEX, Volusion, WooCommerce, and Zoey.

We don’t auto-decline suspicious orders


Unlike our competitors, who automatically decline any order that even looks suspicious, ClearSale quarantines fraud and flags suspicious orders for further analysis. And because our algorithm leverages the most global fraud data in the industry, we can automatically approve over 91% of orders
In fact, our approach delivers the highest approval rates and the lowest false decline rates in the industry – while reducing chargebacks.

We offer end-to-end chargeback management services


Chargebacks can siphon away small business profits. Every dollar in chargebacks costs businesses $2.50 in time, fees, goods, and shipping, not to mention the costs associated with penalties and punitive actions if your chargeback rate crosses the 1% threshold.
That’s why small ecommerce businesses need a fraud prevention strategy that includes comprehensive chargeback services.
ClearSale, in partnership with enterprise chargeback management service provider ChargebackOps, offers end-to-end chargeback services that span prevention to management to mitigation. These services include:

We explain chargeback reason codes


Conducting data audits and gathering compelling evidence to prove whether the customer received the purchased products.

We deliver timely responses to banks and card issuers


By delivering chargeback prevention, dispute and management, we give small businesses the best chance of reducing chargebacks and earning back lost revenue.

We offer a chargeback guarantee for SMB ecommerce leaders


How does 100% coverage of any fraud-related chargebacks sound? That’s how confident we are in our fraud prevention and protection process. If we approve a transaction that turns out to be fraudulent and results in a chargeback, we’ll pay the entire amount of the chargeback. And with our fixed per-approved-order pricing, your fraud prevention costs will never outpace your growth. You can have peace of mind that your bottom line is safe with ClearSale.
icon-5QuickStats-1_1-1 Highest order approval rates in the industry
icon-falsedeclines-cnp3-1 Dramatically reduced chargebacks
icon-EnterpriseBusinesses-2 Customizable approaches
icon-Pricing-6 Virtually zero false declines
icon-5QuickStats-2_1 Happier customers and a better shopping experience
icon-EnterpriseBusinesses-5 Lightning-fast decisions
icon-AboutUs-3 Data protection legislation and regulation compliance
icon-IndustryInsights-2 Transparent, user-friendly online dashboard and custom reports

ClearSale Reviews


Amazing Company to work with

"Their customer service is the best. They are quick to respond and answer questions regarding orders that are denied."

Teresa E.


Great fraud prevention for ecommerce sites

"ClearSale has a great fraud protection program using their algorithmic matching of potentially fake orders, and will scan them as they come up and reject them if they are suspected as fraud."

Lee K.


Great Value

"The product is great. We've never had a complaint from day 1. The setup was easy. And the continued service has been exceptional. With a product like this, you want it to work behind the scenes without ever thinking about it. That's ClearSale. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and never causes us troubles."

Nathan N.


From the viewpoint of someone who has been the victim of credit card fraud

"We are in the Durable Medical Equipment supply industry and we use Shopify as our shopping cart. With Covid 19 we have seen a tremendous increase web traffic and online purchases. Prior to Covid 19 we had a number of fraudulent transactions that led to multiple investigations on Local, State and Federal levels all of which produced no returns only because the crooks were faster. This cost us in..."


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