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Our Fraud Protection Solution answers the simplest, yet most important question:
To sell or not to sell

ClearSale screens every order for fraud , while providing the highest approval rate in the industry.

Protect your revenue now

ClearSale CNP Fraud Protection plugs in to your existing operation

Our technology is compatible with many widely-used gateways, shopping carts, order management systems, payment processors and acquirers, allowing merchants to connect with minimal development time and effort needed.

Instead of offering just another tool, what we offer is the practicality and peace of mind of a fully outsourced cnp fraud solution.

A single card-not-present fraud solution

For transactions placed via Web, mobile, or telesales

Shopping Cart

Merchant's order

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Light Bulb

Our Solution

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Shopping Cart Positive

Complete transaction. Free to go.


Shopping Cart Negative

Do not complete the transaction. Fraudulent order.

We offer a complete fraud prevention solution

Fully outsourced CNP Fraud solution

That does not require fraud analysts, modelers, a manual review team or a fraud chargeback management.

We do offer a full package: machine learning, rules-based reviews, and manual reviews.

Our proprietary machine learning technology

Complemented by custom rules and our experience with umpteen data points and sources guarantee that good customers are never inconvenienced.

Our unique high-tech manual review process

covers every suspect transaction - unlike our competitors - offering the benefit of the doubt  to every suspect order so that transactions are never incorrectly denied outright and your revenue neglected without reason.

Step-by-step business flow

Shopping Kart First

Order in

As soon as a customer enters your website, we know where he or she came from and we monitor him or her while browsing

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  • Sent directly through our application
  • API integration
  • E-commerce platform plugins

(Magento, Shopify, Prestashop and more)

Head Pink Second

Artificial intelligence

Auto scanning, breaking down orders into patterns and looking for redundancies in orders based on:

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  • Information contained in the order
  • Device information
  • External data sources
  • Behavioral information
  • Historical information

ClearSale runs its fraud score and decision rules

Send to analysis

Ball Pink and Green

Approve the order

Window Pink
A few hours later

Screening / Triage

When discrepancies arise, instead of just declining the order, as some solutions do our team of experts conducts a manual exam of order details and information collected.

These human agents can see beyond algorithms and have a sixth sense in matters regarding online fraud, capturing details that computers cannot. If needed, ClearSale uses contact information linked to the cardholder to conduct cardholder verifications.


The most experienced analysts analyze the orders, seeking evidence to approve them or to confirm fraud in this step, without contact with the customer.

  • Do we have enough data to approve this order?
  • Is there any previous fraud associated with the data?
  • What do we expect from the profile in terms of purchase behavior?
  • Do we know any particularity from that specific store or product?
  • Product vs Delivery address
  • Support from external data sources + social media

Different touch points before a denial


Ball Red and Green


During the following hours

Final Decision

No order can be denied without a second validation from a second analyst

This analyst will look for the owner of the data in order to confirm (or not) the purchase, supported by internal and external data sources and social media.

The process is invisible to your customers

From the final consumer perspective, the transaction is already completed and there is no extra action needed.

Transactions are shown as “Pending” in the merchant’s back-end until they are verified, the same way (similar) bank issuers hold a transaction until funds are confirmed.

Every step is visible to you

ClearSale provides a complete outsourced solution without being a black box, providing access to an online dashboard on your PC, tablet, and smartphone, allowing you to see real -time data on: Pending approval requests

  • Pending approval requests
  • Current approval rate
  • Response time
  • Recent orders
  • Customizable history reports
  • Order details and comparisons

Backstage: Where the magic happens

Business Analytics Team

Business Analytics Team

  • Fraud scores building and score cutoff versus chargeback rates and volume/demand
  • Queues definition by fraud analyst based on store profile and analysts’ capabilities
  • Reports building
  • Customizes solutions
Batch Analysis Team

Batch Analysis Team

  • Specializes in analyzing fraud attack patterns and behaviors in clusters of similar orders that appear to have originated from the same fraudster or that display similar patterns of behavior
  • A lesson learned from one transaction can protect hundreds of merchants
Quality Assurance Team

Quality Assurance Team

  • Performs ongoing quality checks on fraud analysts through customer service, decisions quality, etc
  • Supports promotions and compensation decisions
Chargeback Classification

Chargeback Classification

  • We go beyond reason codes
  • To guarantee the quality of our solution’s feedback, we classify every chargeback by labeling the cardholder: Deliberated fraud | Friendly fraud | Self-fraud | Not fraud-related
The Final Touch

The Final Touch

  • We have a very low ratio of analysts to supervisors
  • No order can be denied without a second validation
  • Orders are assigned to each analyst according to his or her past performance and profile
  • We employ more than 80 managers, 8 trainers, 30 auditors, 30 statisticians and mathematicians and 50 software developers
  • We support innovation and a creativity-driven culture. Fraud experts are working side by side to capture insights and keep pace with every fraud pattern change

So you want to know more about our fraud protection solution?

It’s simple math. More approvals + less fraud and chargebacks = higher revenue

With ClearSale's Total Guaranteed Protection, you can stop deliberating over fragmented  anti-fraud packages.From integration to support, we work closely with you to ensure your security, confidence and freedom to sell.

Save time and stay sane