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Get the highest approval rates and lowest false positive rates in the industry with an innovative fraud solution customized to your business.


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As a merchant, nothing is more important to your company than revenue.

We believe fraud should never prevent you from realizing that revenue.

We also believe your fraud protection solution should never get in the way of your customer experience.

ClearSale provides the only complete fraud solution that addresses chargebacks AND false declines — ensuring you can maximize your revenue and approve every order your good customers place with you.

Our real-world approach to ecommerce fraud  protection and prevention is balanced and comprehensive.

Proprietary AI technology
Expert manual reviews
best of two powerful fraud protection processes
The best of two powerful processes

This innovative platform is unlike anything else in the market.

We deliver the results you need:
Highest order approval rates in the industry
Dramatically reduced chargebacks
Customizable approaches
Virtually zero false declines
Happier customers and a better shopping experience
Ligthening-fast decisions
Compliance with all data protection legislation and regulations
Transparent, user-friendly online dashboard and custom reports

Here’s how ClearSale’s
ecommerce fraud
solution works.

  • 1. A customer places an order
  • 2. Our A.I. technology scans the order
  • 3. If the order is questionable, a fraud analyst manually reviews the order
  • 4. If the first manual review suggests fraud, a second analyst validates the fraud finding

1. A customer places an order

Step 1: We cover all card-not-present transactions

We cover all card-not-present transactions including:

fraudprotection-howworks-ico-10 web orders
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-11 email orders
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-12 telephone orders
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-13 mail orders

For website orders, as soon as the customer lands on a website page, we know where the customer came from, and we monitor the customer’s browsing activity.

Website orders are capture via the ClearSale application and sent to us directly.

Our application quickly integrates with most major ecommerce platforms.

Custom integrations are easy with dedicated IT support and API documentation.

2. Our A.I. technology scans the order

Step 2: If no fraud is identified, the order is approved

Our proven, proprietary statistical algorithm scans the order to look for common fraud patterns.

The algorithm is customized with fraud rules created specifically for your business, and runs on a powerful machine learning platform that quickly adapts to your unique fraud risk profile.

When scanning each order, our technology processes an extensive amount of data, including:

fraudprotection-howworks-ico-14 Information contained in the order
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-15 Device information
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-16 External data sources
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-17 Behavioral data
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-18 Historical data

After reviewing this data, the algorithm computes a fraud score for the order. If the fraud score falls within a pre-determined threshold, this signals that no fraud has been found, and the order is immediately approved.

If the fraud score is outside this threshold, this signals that the order might be fraudulent. The suspicious order is then immediately sent to our expert review team for further analysis.

Most other solutions simply auto-decline these suspicious orders. However, more than 90% of these auto-declined orders are legitimate orders!

At ClearSale, we NEVER want you to lose revenue by declining a good order, so we NEVER auto-decline your transactions. The ROI of our balanced approach has consistently proven to be excellent for 18+ years.

3. If the order is questionable, a fraud analyst manually reviews the order

Step 3: If the analyst believes the order might be fraudulent,the order is sent to a 2nd analyst for verification.

Our fraud analysts are trained to look for reasons to approve your orders — not decline them. 

They know how to see beyond the algorithms and capture details that computers can not.

Analysts are assigned to review orders based on several factors, including the industry, language, your risk profile, and the analysts's moving average performance levels.

The analyst reviews all existing evidence on the questionable order to determine:

fraudprotection-howworks-ico-19 Do we have enough data to approve this order?
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-20 Is any previous fraud associated with this customer or this product?
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-21 What does this customer’s previous purchase behavior tell us?
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-22 Does the customer data match up?
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-23 Do we have any other insights from external data sources or social media?

If the analyst determines the order is legitimate, it is immediately approved.

If the evidence suggests the order might be fraudulent, the order is immediately sent for a second manual review for verification.

Other programs look for reasons to decline your orders.
We look for reasons to approve your orders.

4. If the first manual review suggests fraud, a second analyst validates the fraud finding

Step 4: The second analyst will review the existing evidence and will also attempt to seek out new information

The second analyst will review the existing evidence but will also attempt to seek out new information.

This might include contacting your customer directly.

Our staff uses call scripts customized to your business and customer profiles. After all, a script for a fashion brand should not sound like a script for an automotive parts supplier!

If the second analyst determines the order is legitimate, the order is immediately approved.

If the second analyst is still unable to validate the order, ONLY THEN is the order declined.

This balanced approach ensures every good order is approved
and every fraudulent order is declined.

Thanks to this unique fraud detection system, ClearSale gives you the highest approval rates and lowest false positive rates in the industry.

We do this by making sure all available information about an order is carefully analyzed. This extensive evidence can include:

fraudprotection-howworks-ico-24 Fingerprint technology to identify computers placing transactions
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-25 Proprietary tracking technology to monitor customer behavior within client websites
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-26 Proxy piercing technology
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-27 Geolocalization
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-28 BIN tracking
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-29 Reverse phone /address lookup
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-30 Email intelligence
fraudprotection-howworks-ico-31 CVS verification

Gain critical confidence and peace of mind.

Know that the market’s most comprehensive e-commerce fraud prevention strategy is protecting your sales, your revenue, and your customer relationships.

Learn why false declines are a very real problem

Learn why false declines are a very real problem

And how ClearSale's approach to ecommerce fraud protection eliminates the problem.


ClearSale reviews by G2

Saves a ton of time and headaches!


"I don't have to spend time researching orders to see if they are fraud or not. I love that clearsale backs up their approvals with a money back guarantee if the order turns out to be fraud."

Amazing Company to work with


"Their customer service is the best. They are quick to respond and answer question regarding orders that are denied."

Great fraud prevention for ecommerce sites


"Clearsale has a great fraud protection using their algorithmic matching of potentially fake orders, and will scan them as they come up and reject them if they are suspected as fraud."

Clear Sale gives us confidence that we will get paid


"Clear sale are very good, the orders get approved quickly ,which is great so we know we can confidently send out the goods. payment confirmation usually happens in 2-3 hrs. once that happens we know we are covered."

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