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ClearSale Webinars

ClearSale Webinars

webinar chargebacks911 & ClearSale
JUNE 2019

Criminal Fraud or Friendly Fraud? Protecting Your Business Without Risk

Whether they come from criminal attacks, cyber-shoplifting, or even customer misunderstandings, illegitimate chargebacks cut into your bottom line. Learn how merchants can create a chargeback management strategy that addresses disputes without adding risk.

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August 2019

4 Back to School eCommerce Tools: From Checkout to Delivery

Watch APS Payments, ShipWorks, ClearSale, and Route as we share tips about how to leverage our integrated solutions for Magento to offer a smooth eCommerce checkout and delivery experience for back to school.

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September 2019

How to balance revenue, fraud prevention, and customer experience

No e-commerce merchant wants to lose money to fraud. But many fraud prevention strategies create a terrible customer experience. When good customers are falsely declined, they get angry and frustrated – and they may never return to that store.

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