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Ecommerce Fraud Protection for Small and Medium Businesses

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E-Commerce Fraud Protection for Small and Medium Businesses

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When you’re running a small or medium-sized ecommerce business, you have limited time and even more limited resources. You want to focus on growing your business, and you might not have the ability or expertise to spot ecommerce fraud before it happens.

You may think chargebacks are simply the cost of selling online. But chargebacks eat into your hard-earned profits. And if your chargeback rates get out of hand, you risk being penalized as a high-risk merchant – which means higher payment processing fees and potentially even the loss of your merchant services account.

Your reaction to fraud may be to decline any order that even hints at being fraudulent. But most of those “gray area” orders are in fact not fraudulent. If you auto-decline every suspicious order, you’re declining lots of good orders among the possible fraudulent ones. This means you’re alienating and angering your customer base – something no small or medium-sized business can afford to do.

You need an ecommerce fraud protection solution that supports your customers. You need ClearSale.

  • Lightning-Fast Order Approvals
  • Simple Ecommerce Integration
  • Comprehensive Fraud Protection

Lightning-Fast Order Approvals


Lightning-Fast Order Approvals

Get most order decisions within seconds. Our advanced technology quickly runs every incoming transaction through our proprietary statistical model to give each transaction a fraud score.

If the fraud score identifies that the order is legitimate, we instantly approve the order.

If the fraud score suggests the order might be fraudulent, our manual review team quickly analyzes the order to validate whether the order is truly fraudulent or whether it can, in fact, be approved.

Simple Ecommerce Integration


Simple Ecommerce Integration

Set up ClearSale in three easy steps. Simply retrieve the plugin for your ecommerce platform, enable the ClearSale module in your store, and start keeping track of your orders on your ClearSale dashboard. If you need a custom integration, our client service team is here to help.

Comprehensive Fraud Protection


Comprehensive Fraud Protection

Eliminate chargebacks and false declines. When you choose the ClearSale Chargeback Insurance program, we provide 100% guaranteed coverage of all fraud-related chargebacks. And because we also offer the highest approval rates and lowest false decline rates in the industry, you can grow your e-commerce sales confidently and safely.


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