Zoey Guide Overview

Our Zoey app is designed to connect your shop to ClearSale. We will guide you through the simple steps to integrate ClearSale into your Zoey store.

Before you install the ClearSale app, please make sure that you have your ClearSale dashboard credentials nearby.

We will guide you through three simple steps to integrate in your Zoey store.

First Step

Visit the following URL: https://www.zoey.com/apps/clearsale

Click the "GET APP" button.

Zoey App Store Preview

Second Step

Confirm and Click the "Install" button.

Zoey App Store Preview

Third Step

You will find ClearSale Total Protection in your Installed Apps.

By clicking once in the app, you will be taken to ClearSale Settings Page.

In the ClearSale Settings Page you should fill your information: API Key, Client ID and Client Secret.

Zoey App Store Preview

Fourth Step

By following these steps, you will be sending orders to our Dashboard.

With this application, you will have access to general information about your orders, conversion rates and Score. You can keep track of all these data within your Zoey App.

Zoey App Store Preview

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