We Never Auto-Decline Your Orders. Ever.

False Declines and Frustrated Buyers Cost You More Than Fraud

Approving more orders means happier customers and more sales.

False Declines and Frustrated Buyers Cost You More Than Fraud

Other programs look for reasons to decline your orders.

We look for reasons to approve your orders.

Our goal is to increase your sales and make your customers happy.

But sometimes good orders can look like fraud. Chances are, your fraud program is incorrectly declining some of your customers. Which means they won't be your customers for long.

While most ecommerce merchants focus on managing fraud and chargeback costs, the cost of revenue lost to false declines (also known as false positives) is far more expensive.

Up to 90% of declined transactions are legitimate orders.
(source: Aite)
For every $1 in losses due to credit card fraud, merchants lose $13 to false declines.
(source: Javelin)
62% of merchants report their false decline rates have increased over the past two years.
(source: Aite)
1 in 6 U.S. cardholders has experienced at least one false decline.
(source: Javelin)
32% of customers who are falsely declined choose not to shop with that merchant again.
(source: Javelin)
Consumers tell 15 people on average about poor brand experiences.
(source: American Express)

You need an ecommerce fraud protection solution that prevents false declines, so you can be sure you’re approving every legitimate order your customers place with you.

Here’s how ClearSale protects you from false declines.

Here’s how ClearSale protects you from false declines.

Most automated fraud programs are built on fraud scoring and fraud filters designed to catch and auto-decline any order the program thinks might be fraudulent.

ClearSale NEVER auto-declines your orders.

We review every order — quickly, thoroughly, and systematically.

It starts with our proprietary technology that “learns” your unique business model. This A.I. platform builds a custom fraud scoring algorithm that perfectly matches your fraud risk profile.

As our platform scans your incoming orders, if the technology identifies an order that might be fraudulent, the order is sent to our expert fraud analysis team for further review.


When an order is sent for manual review, our highly experienced and specialized fraud analysts gather the evidence and manually dissect every questionable order to validate whether the order is truly fraudulent.

Your order must go through TWO rounds of expert analysis before we will decline it.

As a result of this balanced, comprehensive process, you gain the lowest decline rates and highest approval rates in the industry. And you can be confident your ecommerce fraud prevention solution never interferes with your business.

ClearSale means more sales, more revenue, and more satisfied customers for you!

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