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Is a Chargeback Guarantee Always Best?

Your business is unique – and your fraud program should fit your specific business goals and objectives.

We recognize this, and so we offer two forms of chargeback coverage: Chargeback Protection and Chargeback Insurance.

Each approach provides your business with a comprehensive ecommerce fraud protection solution, and each approach ensures you only pay for approved transactions. However, each approach manages chargebacks slightly differently.

  • ClearSale Total Protection
  • ClearSale Total Guaranteed Protection

ClearSale Total Protection

ClearSale Total Protection

This approach enables you to recoup a portion of any losses due to fraudulent transactions.

With ClearSale Chargeback Protection, we work with you to establish a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that identifies specific KPI thresholds we agree to meet. Every quarter, we reconcile our performance against those KPIs. If we do not meet the KPI thresholds, you receive a discount on your invoice. As always, your price is per approved orders only.

In this approach, we provide the full breadth of our ecommerce fraud prevention services to ensure all fraudulent orders are blocked and chargebacks are not generated for you. However, we do not directly reimburse you for any chargebacks that may occur, and the discounts we provide are not intended to fully cover any chargeback losses.

Chargeback Protection

Chargeback Protection Is Best For: Large businesses with a good understanding of their fraud risk profile and clear documentation of the fraud KPIs behind their ecommerce operations.

ClearSale Total Guaranteed Protection

ClearSale Total Guaranteed Protection

This approach provides 100% guaranteed coverage of any fraud-related chargebacks you incur.

With ClearSale Chargeback Insurance, if we approve a transaction that turns out to be fraudulent and results in a chargeback, we will pay the entire amount of the chargeback.

You gain the confidence that we are actively reviewing every incoming card-not-present order to block fraudulent orders and prevent chargebacks. You also gain peace of mind knowing that if a fraudulent order does slip through, your bottom line is still safe.

And with our fixed per-approved-order pricing, your only cost variabile is your sales volume – meaning you gain predictability, knowing precisely how much you’re spending on your fraud solution.

Chargeback Insurance

Chargeback Insurance Is Best For: Businesses in high-risk segments or businesses that historically have struggled with high chargeback rates.

The most comprehensive ecommerce fraud protection solution

Whether you choose ClearSale Chargeback Protection or ClearSale Chargeback Insurance, you always have confidence knowing the most comprehensive ecommerce fraud protection solution is working to safeguard your sales, your revenue, and your customer relationships.

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