nopCommerce Guide Overview

Our nopCommerce extension is designed to connect your shop to the ClearSale analysis center. In 3 easy steps, you can have the ClearSale extension up and running in your NopCommerce store

Before you install the ClearSale extension, please make sure that you have your ClearSale dashboard credentials nearby.

First Step

Download the ClearSale Plugin:

In your plugins section of your NopCommerce Admin Page, upload the file you downloaded.

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Second Step

After the upload has finished:

1 Scroll down to the line the ClearSale plugin, maybe you will need to click in the button “Reload list of plugins” and click the “Install” button.

2 Click in the button “Restart application to apply changes”.

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Third Step

In the ClearSale Plugin configuration page you should fill your information and set your preferences.

  • Insert the credentials you received from ClearSale

  • Select the environment: Sandbox option will send orders to our sandbox server and this is commonly used by developers. The Production option will send orders to our production server.

  • Select the payment methods you want ClearSale to analyze

  • Select the desired order status for each ClearSale stage or response:

    • Approved ClearSale – ClearSale approved this order.

    • Denied ClearSale – ClearSale was unable to establish contact and/or received an invalid document. These orders should not be fulfilled.

    • Canceled ClearSale – ClearSale found suspicion for fraud and the order should not be fulfilled. This status can also reflect the merchant manually cancelling the order.

  • Make sure you click on the "Save" button and that no error messages are displayed

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Customer Service – For questions related to order analysis and requests.

Technical Support – For general technical inquiries regarding the module / functions.

Integration Support – For questions related to the initial setup and use of the module.

nopCommerce App Store Preview

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