Pre-Built Plugins and Easy Custom Integrations.

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Integrating ClearSale with your ecommerce platform is fast and easy.

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Fraud Protection Should Be Simple to Implement.

Setting up ClearSale is as easy as 1-2-3. With a library of ready-to-use plugins for the major ecommerce platforms and superb support for custom integrations, you can be started with ClearSale in just three fast steps:

1 Retrieve your plugin
2 Enable the ClearSale module in your store
3 Keep track of your orders on the ClearSale dashboard

If you need help, our developer guides walk you through everything you need to know.

Or, if you need a custom integration, our AP library and expert IT team and client services team are ready to help with advanced support.


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Excellent service - both timeliness and fraud control

"I have always received immediate response and minimal fraud rejection -- which leads to increased sales."



ClearSale Has Been Amazing!

"Quick fraud detection on all orders. Ease of use on the platform. Never had a chargeback."



Amazing Company to work with

"Their customer service is the best. They are quick to respond and answer questions regarding orders that are denied."

Teresa E.


From the viewpoint of someone who has been the victim of credit card fraud

"We are in the Durable Medical Equipment supply industry and we use Shopify as our shopping cart. With Covid 19 we have seen a tremendous increase web traffic and online purchases. Prior to Covid 19 we had a number of fraudulent transactions that led to multiple investigations on Local, State and Federal levels all of which produced no returns only because the crooks were faster. This cost us in..."



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