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Consumers today are embarking upon complex shopping journeys. As they move from store to social to online to IoT, chatbots, automated personal assistants and more, they no longer care about channels — they care about experiences, and they demand to be able to shop with ease and simplicity.

Retailers must respond accordingly.

You need a fraud prevention strategy that supports your customers and is aligned with your business goals. For that to happen, you need a solution that enables you to manage performance — not overly complex features that ultimately do nothing for you. You need ClearSale.

  • Enterprise-Level Experience
  • Customized Solutions
  • Highest Approval Rates
  • Carefully Designed Customer Interactions
  • Innovative Approach
  • Performance-Based Pricing Models
  • Business Process Consulting

Enterprise-Level Experience


Enterprise-Level Experience

ClearSale delivers the most experience with enterprise-level merchants in today’s fraud protection industry. You gain instant access to the knowledge and insights only obtained through years of focus — giving you an immediate and sustainable competitive advantage.

Customized Solutions


Customized Solutions

ClearSale delivers the most experience with enterprise-level merchants in today’s fraud protection industry. You gain instant access to the knowledge and insights only obtained through years of focus — giving you an immediate and sustainable competitive advantage.

You know … We can …

Your most profitable products

Prioritize these products across the analytical process.

Your general customer profiles

Develop procedures to support your customers in the most appropriate ways.

Your VIP customers

Tailor our playbooks to offer a higher-level of support.

Your target markets

Provide industry-specialized fraud analysts, available 24/7 with multi-language capabilities.

Highest Approval Rates


Highest Approval Rates

Most importantly, we never auto-decline any order, period. We know most of your incoming orders are good, and so we manually review every order that looks suspicious. This ensures your good orders are never incorrectly declined.

We have the largest manual review team in the world. With more than 1,000 experienced fraud analysts on duty 24/7/365, we deliver timely, accurate decisions and the flexibility to deal with sales peaks for every client.

Carefully Designed Customer Interactions


Carefully Designed Customer Interactions

In an ideal world, your fraud protection solution should never bother your customers. We understand this, and we are committed to deliver the very best customer experience. If we feel we do need to contact the customer to verify the order, we strive to make the interaction as fast, supportive, and hassle-free for your customer as possible.

Innovative Approach


Innovative Approach

We utilize a multi-tiered team approach to continually calibrate our proprietary statistical model as new fraud patterns emerge. We also run detailed control group analyses for optimum quality assurance. Data science even applies to our manual review teams, with fraud analysts assigned to review orders according to their moving average performance levels, combined with the incoming order profiles, language, industry segment, and more.

Performance-Based Pricing Models


Performance-Based Pricing Models

ClearSale is the only fraud solution to offer both performance-based pricing and chargeback guarantee.


KPI Pricing: We work with you to create an SLA that identifies specific KPI thresholds we commit to achieve every month. If in a given quarter we do not meet these numbers, we offer a predetermined discount on your quarterly invoice. This approach includes ClearSale Chargeback Protection, which does not reimburse you for chargeback losses.


Chargeback Guarantee Pricing: You are billed a fixed fee on every approved transaction. Your rate is determined based on your sales volume, how you plan to use our solution, and your industry and risk profile. This approach includes ClearSale Chargeback Insurance, which provides 100% guaranteed chargeback coverage.

Business Process Consulting


Business Process Consulting

We offer fraud prevention strategies and solutions for card-not-present sales in the digital world and card-present sales in the physical world — including support for brick-and-mortar retailers, telecom companies, banks, card issuers, door-to-door sales, and more.


With 20+ years of experience and 4,000+ customers around the world,we bring extensive industry-specific ecommerce fraud experience.


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