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Guest Blog Guidelines:

  1. 1 Topics must be approved by the ClearSale or Moss Networks team before submitting the full post.
  2. 2 ClearSale’s blog is focused on merchants and businesses worldwide and spans every industry. Please provide us with original concepts, compelling arguments, and high-quality writing for our readers.
  3. 3 Each article must have a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 3,000 words.
  4. 4 You need to provide a reading structure with Titles, Subtitles, and lists.
  5. 5 We require unique content that has not been published elsewhere. Infographics are exempt, but the introduction must be original.
  6. 6 Article should reflect the writing style/tone of the ClearSale blog.
  7. 7 Please include reference links to provide proper attribution of any data, quotations, and outside content referenced in the article. These will be nofollow links.
  8. 8 You can include up to 1 reference link to your own blog, these will be set as dofollow.
  9. 9 You can include up to 2 reference links to articles from the ClearSale blog.
  10. 10 Images are encouraged, but not required. Please provide images with a minimum width of 600px. We will re-design your image to match our design guidelines.
  11. 11 The headlining image will be provided. If a custom image is desired, please inform us beforehand. All images subject to rejection.
  12. 12 Please provide a brief bio for the author, along with one website URL and one social url.
  13. 13 ClearSale reserves the right to reject any guest blog post for any reason.