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Blog Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for the ClearSale blog!

ClearSale’s blog is focused on providing the most cutting-edge, informational and unique content to help online retailers of every size and spanning every industry. We only publish original concepts, compelling arguments and high-quality writing for our readers.

When creating new content for the ClearSale blog, it is important to keep in mind that this content must be unique, regardless of what you are writing about. However, we urge you to include information from other sources (and to cite them!) to create an external and internal link structure inside the article.

Please note that we receive dozens of daily requests to write for our blog. When you send your pitch to, please be patient. We review every request, and we will get back to you in time.

ClearSale reserves the right to reject any guest blog post for any reason.

ClearSale Press Info

Content Guidelines:

ClearSale is looking for the most relevant and interesting content available for online retailers.

Your post must be exclusive to our blog.

Topics should inform, educate and entertain readers. Please keep self-promotion to a minimum.

We like topics that cover the “basics” of relevant subject matters (e.g. “Everything you Need to Know about Chargebacks” or “Your Guide to CNP Fraud”) The subject matter should be what you are especially well-versed in. Ask yourself - what is your expertise? What kind of education are you uniquely able to provide?

Before you submit a proposal to write for us, please carefully review the guidelines below. If you are not equipped to follow the guidelines, please refrain from sending in a submission.

All submissions should be sent to and must include the following:

  • writing samples (include at least 3 links)
  • 3-5 topic ideas (topics that focus on “the basics” of a relevant subject are encouraged)
  • why you are a reliable expert on the subject

Writing Guidelines:

We require unique content that has not been published elsewhere. Infographics are exempt, but the introduction must be original.

Each post should reflect the writing style/tone of the ClearSale blog. If there is an abundance of editing required to meet the high standards we expect, the piece will be returned to you.

Each article must have a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 3,000 words. However, keyword stuffing is frowned upon and will result in your piece being rejected.

Please provide a title with a maximum of 55 characters and a description that has around 150 characters (spaces included).

The main keyword of the subject must be used in the first paragraph.

The first paragraph must have a short but direct description of what the article is about.

Visual elements like bold or italic are great for the user experience. Please use them responsibly.

Numbered/ordered lists are also very welcome. Please ensure consistency if you use a period at the end of your lists or not.

“Ecommerce” and “ecommerce” are preferred usage. 


SEO Guidelines:

Links are great! Please include 2-3 links for every 3 paragraphs.

Please include reference links to provide proper attribution of any data, quotations, and outside content referenced in the article.

Please include a minimum of 2 links from ClearSale’s blog posts or landing pages. If you are unsure of which links to use, please ask for our assistance.

All links need to be reviewed to make sure they are not broken or have server problems. The tool to do this is HTTPStatus. Your links must have a Status Code of 200.

Image Guidelines:

Providing images is encouraged, but not required. If you are not providing images, please note suggestions for imagery in the appropriate placements and we will provide them.

For every main section (h2 title) or for every 3 paragraphs, an image is needed. If you are providing the images, they must be less than 100kb and sized at a minimum width of 600px.

Every image must have an alt. tag attribute defined and their files must have a well-defined name, not just a generic one, like “img_19827499.jpg”.

Graphs and tables are always welcome, as long as the information is visible to web crawlers. Please provide alt text for these images.

Author Guidelines:

Please provide a brief author bio, this will be included on your Author page. You may include one website URL and one social media account URL.

Please provide a high-resolution, professional headshot, or company logo to use in the hero image.