How the 4th largest computer supplier in the world made its online business more profitable

65% fewer total declines

17% increase in average size of approved orders

98.52% drop in chargeback ratio

"Online fraud was a constant nightmare, draining resources and time. We used to manually review every order."

ASUS representative

ASUS Slashes Risk, Boosts Approval Bandwidth, Thanks to ClearSale

ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational company that sells computers, hardware and computer items, and was the 4th largest supplier of computers in the world in 2015 ($14.4 billion in revenue in 2015). It runs about 50 service sites in 32 countries and has over 400 service partners worldwide.


fewer total declines


increase in average size of approved orders


drop in chargeback ratio

The Challenge: Reduce Fraud Without Turning Away Good Customers

In addition to selling computers and hardware through major retailers, ASUS also operates an e-commerce store. With orders for laptops, phones, desktops and accessories having the potential to run into five-figure sales, and with the high resale value of these items, even one fraud attack was too many.

ASUS devoted significant time and effort to manually reviewing every order that came in, but fraudsters were clever in finding ways to sneak through. In some cases, fraud was occurring even when the delivery address matched that of the credit card holder, which is normally a strong indication that the customer is legitimate. ASUS faced a real challenge in stopping fraud without inadvertently getting those legitimate customers caught in the net

Electronics is the 3rd highest risk category for CNP sales.

The Solution: ClearSale Total Guaranteed Protection

In June of 2017 ASUS turned to ClearSale’s Total Guaranteed Protection. ClearSale has over 16 years of experience protecting e-commerce and multi-channel brands, helping them confidently and safely grow their markets. With a team of more than 700 experienced fraud analysts, ClearSale stays on top of fraud so its clients don’t have to.

ClearSale identified that even with positive address verification, ASUS has an elevated risk of fraud attempts, requiring thorough and competent fraud management.

For ASUS, ClearSale:

  • Screens each order, using advanced machine learning to flag any suspicious activity
  • Manually reviews each flagged order, establishing contact if needed with buyers to verify transactions
  • Provides clear information to both ASUS and their customers, ensuring that all parties are well-informed throughout the process
  • Gives ASUS clear and comprehensive reports on orders, approval rates, and chargeback rates
  • Is easily reached for questions or support requests, giving ASUS peace of mind at having a trusted partner in fraud management
  • Covers 100% of all chargeback-related costs

The Results: Reduced Fraud, Time and Money Saved, and a True Partnership

As with all of its customers, ClearSale works with ASUS as a partner, combining more than 16 years of experience as one of the biggest card-not-present (CNP) fraud prevention operations in the world along with ASUS’ knowledge of its buyers’ patterns and tendencies.

After six months of working with ClearSale, ASUS compared its numbers to those from the previous two years of sales. The results were astonishing

  • 65% reduction in the amount of declines
  • 17% increase in the average size of approved orders
  • 24-hour response rate in 99.6% of orders

Traditionally, ASUS had a leap in its chargeback ratio in the third quarter of every year. Since partnering with ClearSale, the third quarter chargeback ratio has dropped by 98.52%

And the case of the mysterious fraud that was taking place even with address verification? ClearSale was able to determine that this fraudster was tracking the package and picking it up at the post office before it was delivered to the cardholder’s address. ClearSale went the extra mile, working with the US Postal Service to help them develop a new procedure: Now, customers can only pick up the product prior to final delivery if ASUS grants consent to the post office to release it.


Working With ClearSale, ASUS Saves Time and Money

Now, ASUS is freed from the hassle of trying to handle fraud themselves, allowing it to focus on its real goal: growing the business. Add in the money saved from fewer fraudulent orders being processed, along with the boost in reputation and revenue gained from a reduction in declines, and ASUS is running full speed ahead.

“ClearSale allows us to focus on running a business instead of fighting fraud. We were skeptical, but ClearSale has proved themselves time and time again. We couldn’t be happier with their performance.”



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