ClearSale Helped Bloom Save Money and Time

386% revenue increase

99.8% orders being approved

Zero chargeback cost

75% reduction on fraud attempts

"With ClearSale, our fraud management was integrated right into our Shopify within 10 minutes, and ClearSale was analyzing our transactions the same day."

Mark May, Director at Bloom

Baby Products Manufacturer Is Blooming Thanks to Hands-off Fraud Management Solutions


revenue increase


orders being approved


chargeback cost


reduction on fraud attempts

The Challenge: Reduce Fraud Effectively and With a High Level of Support

High-end baby supply retailers turn to bloom for their impeccably designed highchairs, cribs, loungers and dressers. Launching their e-commerce platform in 2015 allowed them to grow their international market, but it also increased their exposure to fraud.

“As our order quantity and value started to increase, the fraud cases started to increase as well — up in to the thousands of dollars. We realized we needed to do something about it. We tried different fraud management apps through our e-commerce platform, but they just didn’t have the capabilities we were looking for. And where we’re not well-versed in fraud management, we needed more assistance and support, but weren’t getting it.”

The Solution: ClearSale Total Guaranteed Protection

After a disappointing experience with other fraud prevention vendors, bloom turned to ClearSale’s Total Guaranteed Protection. ClearSale has over 15 years of experience protecting e-commerce and multi-channel brands, helping them confidently and safely grow their markets. With a team of more than 700 experienced fraud analysts, ClearSale stays on top of fraud so their clients don’t have to.

For bloom, ClearSale:

  • Screens each order, using advanced machine learning to flag any suspicious activity
  • Manually reviews each flagged order, establishing contact if needed with buyers to verify transactions
  • Provides clear information to both bloom and their customers, ensuring that all parties are well-informed throughout the process
  • Gives bloom clear and comprehensive reports on orders, approval rates, and chargeback rates
  • Is easily reached for questions or support requests, giving bloom peace of mind at having a trusted partner in fraud management
  • Covers 100% of all chargeback-related costs

The Results: Reduced Fraud, Time and Money Saved, and the Security to Grow

With ClearSale Total Guaranteed Protection, bloom has benefited from:

  • Peace of mind from no longer having to deal with the stress and anxiety of trying to accurately detect fraud on their transactions
  • Extra time and energy to focus on growing their business

Time and Money Saved

Now, bloom’s sales and administrative staff members are freed from the hassle of trying to handle fraud themselves, allowing them to focus on what they do best: growing the business. Add in the money saved from fewer fraudulent orders being processed, and bloom is … well, blooming.

“Before, we were spending so much staff time trying to screen for fraud. Now, when we do our monthly business reviews, we can easily see that we’re spending very little time on fraud management. ClearSale’s response time is so quick that most of the time, they’ve already handled the process by the time we even know there was a red flag. Between the reduction in staff time spent on fraud and the reduction in chargebacks, we’re saving much, MUCH more than ClearSale bills us for fraud management.”

The Security to Grow

Prior to working with ClearSale, bloom’s international expansion was stalled. Many countries had been designated no-go, simply because the thought of managing fraud with language barriers in place was daunting.

“Our platform started in the US and has grown from there to about 50 countries. There were a lot of markets, though, that we were wary of entering because of language issues. Fraud management was difficult enough for us. The idea of trying to manage fraud when there’s a language barrier? It seemed impossible. Now that ClearSale is handling our fraud management, we know we’ll be safe no matter where we expand and have already opened up specific digital platforms in seven other countries, with ClearSale covering them all. We never would have been able to do that without ClearSale.”

Working with ClearSale, bloom has gained:

  • 386% revenue increase
  • More than 99.8% of orders being approved
  • 0 chargeback costs
  • 75% reduction on fraud attempts

“I would tell any business considering ClearSale to not hesitate. The setup and integration took literally ten minutes, we’ve saved huge amounts of time and money, and we know that our fraud management is in the hands of professionals who not only fully understand fraud, but who provide us with the great service we’ve been looking for.”

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Amazing - takes the stress away from me!

"I love that it takes the stress away from me worrying about fraud charges."

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Great service & peace of mind

"ClearSale offers a great service that comes with complete peace of mind. Their staff is easy to reach and pleasant to deal with. I particularly enjoy that I no longer have to spend hours a day investigating customers who purchase from our online store and trying to determine if they are legitimate or not. No more rolling the dice with our business. ClearSale also backs up all their..."

Barry N.


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