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Merchant Chargeback Prevention Success Stories:
Blue Robotics

"Now, we don’t have to think about fraud anymore"

"Now, we don’t have to think about fraud anymore. We can get back to focusing on what’s really important to us: growing our business."

Rustom Jehangir

Blue Robotics Integrates ClearSale with WooCommerce to Sell Internationally with Confidence

California-based Blue Robotics sells components, parts, and supplies for marine robotics. With a global customer base that ranges from everyday consumers to high-profile organizations like the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Blue Robotics’ products help people better understand the ocean, engage in exploration, and more.


98.5%                                       approval rate
Zero                                            fraud losses
100%                          customer satisfaction

The Challenge: Staying on Top of Savvy Fraudsters

Rustom Jehangir founded Blue Robotics with a vision to make marine robotics more accessible to people all over the world. With an enormous online catalog of products, affordable prices, and same-day international shipping, purchasing from Blue Robotics is nearly effortless.

Unfortunately, savvy fraudsters quickly stepped in to take advantage of this easy online environment. These fraudsters would bulk purchase items with the best resale value and have them shipped to international addresses, often using PayPal to pay for the transactions. The patterns to the fraud varied, making the fraudulent orders difficult to spot: Fraudsters would even sometimes ship to a U.S. freight forwarder to mask an international shipping address.

Rustom and his small team spent hours trying to stay on top of the problem. They manually reviewed every online order. They declined orders that were even a tiny bit suspicious. They stopped selling products that were the biggest fraud targets. They contacted customers directly to verify identities. They even asked new customers to pay for their orders via ACH bank transfers rather than credit cards. And yet, this only served to limit their revenue, irritate their good customers, and stretch their thin staff even thinner. Worst of all, fraudsters were still slipping through the cracks.

For a small but actively growing company, every order counted – and with fraud losses approaching 5% of revenue, the chargebacks needed to stop. Rustom realized they needed to work with an e-commerce fraud expert.

The Solution: ClearSale’s Guaranteed Chargeback Insurance

Because Blue Robotics has such a small team, ease of use was a major concern for Rustom. The company sells on the WooCommerce platform, and ideally, the fraud solution they chose would be compatible with their existing setup.

A simple Google search drew Rustom to ClearSale – and he was immediately relieved to see ClearSale offered an immense fraud database, a highly trained staff of fraud analysts, and a user-friendly WooCommerce integration. ClearSale’s chargeback insurance was also a major draw: If ClearSale approved a transaction that resulted in a chargeback, ClearSale would pay the entire amount of the chargeback.

As Blue Robotics started working with ClearSale, the entire company has been thrilled to find that the WooCommerce integration was as straightforward and easy to implement as promised. Moreover, they appreciate that ClearSale staff has been available with support every step of the way.

The Results: Zero Fraud Losses, Increased Confidence

With ClearSale managing the order approval process, Blue Robotics’ e-commerce fraud losses have dropped to zero, and its approval rate has skyrocketed to 98.5%.

Customers now enjoy a frictionless shopping experience, and Rustom and his team are no longer on edge wondering when and where the next fraud attack will hit.

“ClearSale successfully knocked out our two biggest problems: Fraud, and the time and resources it took to fight fraud,” Rustom explained. “Now, we don’t have to think about fraud anymore. We can get back to focusing on what’s really important to us: growing our business.”

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