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0% Current Chargeback Rate

99.4% Current Approval Rate

“The thing that sold me on ClearSale was the fact that they were going to do everything they could to try and clear flagged transactions.”

Jason Church, Owner

Tactical Sports Gear: Gearing Up for a New Era of Sales

Jason Church was unaware his company, Tactical Sports Gear, was a target for fraudsters. With no employees beyond himself, he was plenty busy marketing his store, researching new products, and offering customer support. He paid little attention to his credit card process – until he realized in 2017 that his WooCommerce platform was approving fraudulent transactions.


Current Chargeback Rate


Current Approval Rate

The Challenge: Going Beyond Built-In Fraud Programs

Considering the high average transaction values of the high-end sporting goods, cameras and GPS units sold on his site, Tactical Sports Gear was losing extensive amounts of revenue to fraud. Finding a fraud prevention solution became a priority for Church.

Church’s research led him to ClearSale. With reasonable pricing and an innovative chargeback guarantee, ClearSale offered just what Tactical Sports Gear needed. As promised, soon after implementing ClearSale’s solution, Church noticed his fraud and false decline levels decreased.

By 2018, however, Church was ready to expand his online store, and he made the decision to switch platforms from WooCommerce to Shopify. He figured Shopify’s integrated fraud protection would be enough to protect his store, and so he also closed down his relationship with ClearSale at that time.

Initially, things were great. Tactical Sports Gear began expanding inventory and adding more high-priced items — some priced at more than $1,000 apiece. While these products were great for the bottom line, they again made the company a target for cybercriminals. Within months, Church realized he had thousands of dollars in losses to fraud. Worse, he wondered whether, since bad transactions were being incorrectly approved, it was possible that good transactions were also being incorrectly declined?

He needed a better fraud solution – fast.

“I thought things were under control, and I wasn't expecting any more issues to come up. But once I added some high-priced items, it seemed like they were being specifically targeted by fraudsters.”

The Solution: ClearSale Total Guaranteed Protection

Church immediately got back in touch with ClearSale. ClearSale’s pricing was competitive with Shopify’s built-in solution, and being familiar with ClearSale’s methodical manual review process, Church knew ClearSale would do everything they could to prevent both fraud and false declines.

Returning to ClearSale meant Tactical Sports Gear could once again benefit from:

  • 700-plus trained analysts and more than 15 years of proven expertise
  • Automatic screens of each order, using advanced machine learning to flag suspicious activity
  • Manual reviews of flagged orders, contacting customers as needed to verify transactions
  • Clear and comprehensive reporting on orders, approval rates and chargeback rates
  • Seamless integration with the Shopify platform
  • 100% coverage of all chargeback-related costs

The Results: Fewer Chargebacks, Higher Approval Rates, Stronger Growth

Since resuming with ClearSale’s solution, Tactical Sports Gear has experienced dramatic growth. Not only has ClearSale stopped fraud in its tracks, resulting in zero chargebacks, it’s also enabled the company to safely approve more transactions. The result? Tactical Sports Gear is now capturing more revenue than ever before — with zero extra hassles for Church.

Eliminate Chargebacks

ClearSale has saved Tactical Sports Gear thousands of dollars previously lost to fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. Today, if there's a fraudulent charge, the company knows it will be automatically voided.

“The biggest thing with ClearSale is they just take the worry out of chargebacks. I know it’s being taken care of, so I can focus on other things.”

Approve More Orders

ClearSale approves 99.4% of Tactical Sports Gear’s orders, which means a great deal to the company’s bottom line.

“If you can get just even a few extra transactions processed, especially if they're large-ticket items, ClearSale is definitely worth it. I’ve earned back in approved orders what I pay ClearSale.”

Focus on Growth

Not worrying about fraud and chargebacks gives Church the opportunity to focus on other strategic aspects of operating Tactical Sports Gear, such as exploring the possibility of opening a brick-and-mortar store.

“ClearSale has definitely been worth it for our business, and I think any business would benefit from it.”

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